The Future of Magento: an open letter to the Magento Community

Posted on September 13, 2021


Magento has been the dominant open-source eCommerce platform for a decade. Its community is an unparalleled one, and part of the success and innovation of the product is undoubtedly due to it.

Magento, now Adobe Commerce, is heading towards a SaaS solution, a composition of microservices orchestrated with the Adobe I/O platform.

A new alliance

Given that Adobe is in its full right to evolve Magento to serve its primary customer targeted group, many people still do business around the open-source monolith.

To preserve Magento’s long-term viability for all companies and merchants depending on it, we gave birth to a new alliance.

The open letter to the Magento Community

You can have more details about the mission of the alliance by reading the open letter to the Magento Community that we have published.

If you want to show your endorsement and be informed of future updates publicly, you are invited to sign the open letter.

Stay tuned!

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