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Posted on June 20, 2016

It’s a simple story: I wanted to be able to put comments in JSON files, specifically in my composer.json files.

Why? Because sometimes I want to give a try to third-party without deleting references to them if I decide not to keep them in my composer.json file.

Or maybe sometimes I simply want to include comments above some dependencies.

You probably know that it’s something not allowed by JSON parsers.

I thought that implementing a simple script that wipes out lines starting with the # character would have been faster that searching for some existing solution.

So I implemented it and just because commented lines brought to lists with trailing commas, I also added some lines of code to wipe that trailing commas too.

And that’s almost it, here is the script with instructions on how to install and use it:

There is a positive side effect: this script assumes you work on a separate file with jsonc extension and generates the corresponding well-formed json file.

You can keep the json file under version control and ignore the jsonc; this way each developer can keep his/her version of the jsonc file.

It’s not rocket science and since I wrote the script in minutes it it likely that it won’t work for everyone.

In that case: contributions are welcome :)



I assume that you, like me, manually edit the composer.json file; that probably, I admit, isn’t a best practice.

Thus, if you use the composer require command that takes care of updating the composer.json file, I discourage you from using the jsonc script.

Photo credits: Josh More - Creative Commons license

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